Justin Sun claims 5,000 ETH was stolen in a hack

According to Justin Sun, a cyberattack caused the cryptocurrency exchange known as HTX (previously Huobi) to lose 5,000 ether, which is equivalent to $7.9 million.

Advisor Justin Sun claims that $7.9 million, or 5,000 ether, was stolen from the cryptocurrency exchange HTX in a cyberattack.

Sun made the disclosure on the social networking service X (previously Twitter). He said, “HTX has lost 5,000 ether… due to a hacker attack,” trying to convince users that the loss wasn’t too serious. “All losses from the attack have been fully covered, and all related issues have been resolved,” HTX said.

When compared to the $3 billion in assets owned by HTX consumers, the stolen ether “represents a relatively small sum,” the company’s adviser said. Sun emphasized that the stolen ether is equivalent to nearly two weeks of HTX’s income.

The hack takes place less than two weeks after the cryptocurrency exchange formerly known as Huobi changed its name to HTX. Huobi has been operating for 10 years. The rebranding of the offshore trading platform is being done in the hopes that it would assist in increasing user adoption as it seeks further licenses in other countries in the years to come.

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