Amazon Increases Its AI Footprint With A Billion Dollar Anthropic Investment

In order to compete with Google and OpenAI, Amazon Web Services has invested $1.25 billion in an artificial intelligence business called Anthropic.

Amazon plans to increase its position in the race for AI dominance by investing $1.25 billion in Anthropic, a firm focused on making AI more secure. According to some in the know, the deal’s value might rise to $4 billion if certain criteria are satisfied.

Engineers at the biggest on-demand storage provider in the world will now have access to massive language models in the vein of ChatGPT. Through its Bedrock service, Amazon has lately made available to clients a number of different types of learning models.

If the purchase exceeds $4 billion, it would be Amazon’s largest investment directly tied to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s cloud infrastructure provider. In contrast, Microsoft spent $10 billion to acquire a 49% share in OpenAI, the firm that created ChatGPT.

In January, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky stated the business encouraged clients to adopt whatever models they preferred.

Because of its origins in effective altruism, a data-driven approach to doing good, the organization places a premium on safety. For example, former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, whose crypto empire spent $500 million in Anthropic, is often cited as the movement’s most prominent advocate.

Reportedly affiliated with the bankruptcy estate of FTX, Anthropic has now broken relations with effective altruists. Humanists who worry about an AI catastrophe have argued that the firm should halt developing more advanced AI models.

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