Hackers Target XRP-Friendly Attorney Deaton

John Deaton’s Twitter account was hacked, and he is no longer the famous cryptocurrency lawyer recognised for his advocacy of the Ripple-affiliated digital asset XRP.

Using Deaton’s brand recognition and standing in the cryptocurrency community, the suspected hackers promoted a new coin called “LAW.”

According to the fake tweet sent by Deaton, $LAW is “the official token derived directly from CryptoLaw.” It explained how the token is a novel take on tokenization and DeFi that prioritises cryptocurrency regulation and jurisdiction. The deception included a call to action for believers to “claim LAW” at a website associated with the movement.

This information was quickly refuted by CryptoLaw, a group with whom Deaton is intimately associated. The group said that Deaton’s account had been hijacked and that the tweet promoting LAW was not actual.

In addition, they advised Deaton’s followers to ignore his account and any messages from him until further notice. They also said that Deaton was working swiftly to fix the problem.

In light of this breach, it is clear that prominent players in the crypto sector continue to suffer serious security threats.

Deaton’s backers, including attorney Jeremy Hogan, are confident he will quickly restore access to his account. Hogan said, “Karma will get the hackers. Don’t stress….”

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