Google emphasized live shows of its new Gemini Pro development tools

Taken on May 4, 2023, this artwork features the logos of Google, Microsoft, and Alphabet, along with the words AI, which stand for artificial intelligence.

At last week’s taped video presentation, Google introduced its new generative AI model, Gemini. The company emphasized the features that set it apart from ChatGPT, namely its capacity to speak aloud. On the other hand, the huge language model’s actual capabilities didn’t match what was shown.

Indeed, Google did acknowledge that the video had been modified. Because “latency has been reduced and Gemini outputs have been shortened for brevity” is said in the demo’s YouTube description, the AI system seems to answer more quickly than it really does. Sites such as TechCrunch and Bloomberg pointed out the staged parts of the demo.

Two “live demos” of the tech giant’s new Gemini Pro tools—AI Studio and Vertex AI—that developers may use to create generative AI applications were held this week. AI Studio is a web-based, free application that lets you make app development suggestions rapidly. Gemini may be fine-tuned using a company’s data, and other customization options are available via Vertex AI. The platform also comes with extra security measures.

One Google representative, Katie Camacho, informed Quartz that the AI Studio and Vertex AI demonstrations “were live during the virtual press conferences on Dec. 11 and Dec. 12.”

The shift in strategy highlights Google’s pressing need to bolster its generative AI skills in the face of intense competition from OpenAI, Anthropic, and others in a dynamic industry.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian announced “live demonstrations” to kick off the press event before reviewing last week’s Gemini Pro announcements.

In his presentation of Vertex’s features, Google Labs VP Josh Woodward demonstrated how the platform can, for example, encourage users to write property descriptions after they’ve uploaded images from Google Drive. The program submitted the text and images to Gemini once Woodward hit the Run button; Gemini then created a real estate listing-style description of the property.

Afterwards, Vertex AI’s director of product management, Nenshad Bardoliwalla, demonstrated Gemini AI Studio and its many capabilities. To demonstrate the studio’s language abilities, he translated a property description into Spanish. In addition, the platform might make use of real-time online data, such as vacation rental rates. The real estate-related prompt was adjusted using these functions.

Google is under intense pressure to surpass OpenAI, the AI firm that is now leading the pack. According to Google, seven out of eight important industry benchmarks show that Gemini’s most sophisticated model outperforms OpenAI’s March-released GPT-4.

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