A California senator introduces legislation to allow state agencies to accept Bitcoin

California became the latest state this legislative year to consider allowing people to pay for government services in cryptocurrency last week.

Senate Bill 1275, introduced on February 18, “authorises a state agency to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for the provision of government services,” the language states. State Senator Sydney Kamlager-Dove, a Democrat, is the bill’s sponsor.

The measure is the latest in a small but rising chorus of state initiatives to permit such payments. Colorado Governor Jared Polis committed last month to allow people to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency by the summer, albeit any payments would be converted to fiat money before the state took control.

Similar initiatives have been launched in Arizona and Wyoming. Legislation introduced in late January in Illinois would, among other things, allow the state’s Department of Revenue to take Bitcoin directly.

As stated in a recent Politico piece on the issue, previous attempts to expand access to crypto tax payments met with minimal success.

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