Google Cloud will optimize scaling performance for Polygon zkEVM

Polygon Labs and Google Cloud have signed a multi-year agreement to accelerate the development and adoption of infrastructure and developer tools for the Ethereum scaling protocol.

At Consensus 2023, Polygon Labs and Google Cloud announced a multi-year partnership in which Google Cloud will aid in the development of Ethereum (ETH) scaling protocol tools and infrastructure.

The availability of Google Cloud’s framework and development tools is good news for the key protocols of Polygon, such as Polygon PoS (proof-of-stake), Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon Supernets. The partnership aims to make it easier for developers to create, publish, and expand Web3 products and decentralized applications (DApp) on Polygon.

The partnership between Google Cloud and the ecosystem is anticipated to advance Polygon’s zero-knowledge development. According to reports, testing of Polygon zkEVM’s zero-knowledge proofs (zk-proofs) on Google Cloud resulted in quicker and cheaper transactions than the current infrastructure.

The Polygon zkEVM beta, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) scaling solution, was released to the mainnet in March 2023, enabling decreased transaction fees and increased throughput for smart contract deployments.

The Polygon ecosystem will utilize Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine to assist with the time-consuming and expensive processes of procuring, maintaining, and operating dedicated blockchain nodes.

In a statement released in conjunction with the launch of the partnership, Polygon Labs president Ryan Wyatt emphasized the partnership’s wide range of advantages for the protocol’s ecosystem.

Mitesh Agarwal, APAC managing director of engineering and Web3 go-to-market for Google Cloud stated that the company’s services enhance the data availability, resilience, and performance of scaling protocols such as zk-proofs.

Certain Polygon Ventures-backed early-stage ventures will also be eligible for newly-launched Web3-specific Google for Ventures Cloud Programme benefits.

In the meantime, blockchain analytics company Nansen announced that its data services would be accessible to Web3 startup program initiatives.

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