Fidelity International Launches Metaverse Campus in Decentraland ($MANA)

Decentraland ($MANA), a metaverse platform, has welcomed Fidelity International with the announcement of the Fidelity International Campus.

In an immersive virtual environment, this innovative project seeks to promote financial literacy and educate users on the significance of financial planning, money management, and investing, according to a press release shared with CryptoGlobe.

According to the press release, the accelerated expansion of Web3 technologies and the metaverse presents an opportunity to educate and communicate with people around the world through the creation of virtual environments.

The press release characterizes the Fidelity International Campus as a one-of-a-kind digital environment designed to provide users with an entertaining and engaging experience. It includes The Game of Life, the Social Mobility Gallery, and the Discover Fidelity building, among other interactive games, galleries, and experiences. The ability for users to obtain digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and exclusive Decentraland wearables adds a dimension of intrigue to the learning experience.

According to Fidelity, The Game of Life simulates real-world financial scenarios, allowing users to experiment with sensible financial decisions. The Social Mobility Gallery emphasizes the company’s efforts to improve financial futures by promoting social mobility and even allows users to mint NFTs. These limited-edition NFTs were produced in collaboration with School 21 learners from Stratford, London.

In the press release, Emmanuelle Pecenicic, Fidelity International’s Head of Digital Propositions and Partnerships, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, is quoted as saying that the Fidelity International Campus aims to give people of all ages, but especially young people who are interested in web3 technology, access to practical financial knowledge.

According to Fidelity, this program is groundbreaking because it provides a fresh and exciting approach to teaching people about finances in the digital era. Its goal is to help more individuals improve their financial prospects by offering an engaging setting in which to learn about and practice better money management.

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