Ethereum projects split income with users during MEV Blocker RPC debut

The MEV Blocker RPC was developed by over 30 separate Ethereum initiatives in an effort to safeguard users from MEV assaults.

CoW Swap developed MEV Blocker RPC in collaboration with two other companies in the MEV market, Agnostic Relay and Beaver Build.

More than 30 Ethereum projects have collaborated to introduce MEV Blocker RPC, a tool designed to defend users from Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) assaults such as front-running and sandwich attacks.

CoW Swap, Beaver Build, Agnostic Relayer, EigenPhi, Builder0x69, ZeroMEV, Balancer, Gelato, Gnosis DAO, bloXroute, 1inch, Safe, Paraswap, and others are participating in this initiative.

Typically, remote procedure call (RPC) services link consumers to the nodes that enable a blockchain. In addition, this MEV Blocker provides protection against MEV.

The collaborative effort seeks to address the expanding issue of MEV in the Ethereum ecosystem, which exposes users to the risk of receiving unfavorable prices on transactions, NFT purchases, ENS name registrations, and liquidity provisions as a result of MEV bot hijacking. Simply stated, MEV makes economic conditions more problematic for on-chain users.

CoW Swap, Agnostic Relay, and Beaver Build, three companies functioning in the MEV market, devised MEV Blocker in collaboration.

While CoW Swap provides the highest level of security for on-chain exchanges, other types of transactions are still vulnerable to MEV assaults. With MEVblocker, we offer a solution for everyone,” said CoW Protocol CEO Anna George.

MEV refers to the utmost value that can be derived from a blockchain transaction, including arbitrage and front-running. Typically, block creators on Ethereum profit from MEV by determining the order of transactions and transmitting this information to Ethereum validators.