Argentine Airlines issues all tickets as NFTs

Flybondi, an affordable airline, and NFT booking platform TravelX have extended its collaboration so that all seats can be purchased using NFTs on the Algorand network.

The partnership with NFT ticketing firm TravelX, which began in September 2022, will be expanded with the announcement of a new merger on Thursday, dubbed Ticket 3.0. Passengers can freely alter the name on their “NFTickets,” move them to another person, or sell them thanks to the NFT booking system based on the Algorand blockchain.

According to an interview with CoinDesk that chief blockchain officer Facundo Martin Diaz gave the publication in September, TravelX does not collect a fee from customers when they first buy a ticket but does receive a 2% transaction fee when customers resell their tickets. There is a discount of 2% for the airlines as well, he said.

TravelX provides a synchronized NFT ticket and the standard e-ticket for passengers who buy their seats in local money on the Flybondi website. The next step for passengers is to sign up for a Ticket 3.0 account on Flybondi to track and access their NFTs. The airline’s ticketing policies and procedures are built into the NFT’s smart contract.

Adapting to new circumstances is challenging, but we’re committed to providing our customers with the next level of flight independence.

In April of 2022, TravelX and the Spanish carrier Air Europa collaborated to introduce a brand of NFT passes that included access to exclusive benefits and activities. Lemon, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Latin America, added the TravelX booking service in October 2022, enabling its customers to purchase and resell plane seats.

Over 60 carriers across the globe are reportedly investigating the potential applications of TravelX’s NFT tickets, and the business has opened its infrastructure so that other swaps and markets can use the TravelX API.

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