El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele said Bitcoin Boosted Tourism

Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, recently reported an increase in the number of visitors visiting the nation because of Bitcoin.

El Salvador has been featured in the World Tourism Organization’s rating. The Central American nation joined fourteen other countries on the list.

According to Bukele, This is primarily due to the acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) as legal cash and the development of sports such as surfing.

“Only a small number of nations have been able to restore their tourism to pre-pandemic levels… It is mostly motivated by Bitcoin and surfing. But domestic tourism is expanding much faster, mostly as a result of our anti-gang efforts.”

The Bitcoin Beach in the country has grabbed worldwide headlines and continues to get international interest.

In April, Morena Valdez, the minister of tourism, gave an interview to the Salvadoran television station Channel 21. There, she noted that the deployment of Bitcoin has contributed to a 30 percent increase in the country’s tourism.

“El Salvador is now an attractive area to visit, invest, and reside. The usage of Bitcoin has boosted tourism by 30 percent. Tourists who are interested in Bitcoin implementation stay longer and spend more money. Before Bitcoin, everyday spending ranged from $113 to $150; today, it’s up to $200.”

The data referred to by Nayib Bukele is the UNWTO rating of the increase in tourist arrivals from January to May of this year. Only three locations emerged in the Americas: Saint Lucia (21%), El Salvador (6%) and Mexico (3%)

Croatia, Turkey, Sudan, Pakistan, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia are also included in the UNWTO rating. This year, the agency expects foreign arrivals in these nations to return to pre-pandemic levels.

The UNWTO emphasises that nations experiencing a rise in tourism, such as El Salvador, will encounter obstacles. These include employee shortages in the tourist business, significant airport congestion, and airline delays and cancellations, which might impact tourism statistics.

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