Mark Cuban said Dogecoin has a wider range of possible applications than Cardano

In a recent podcast, the billionaire investor discussed Cardano’s lack of acceptance, market capitalization, and Dogecoin.

Mark Cuban, millionaire entrepreneur and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” visited the Altcoin Daily Podcast for an hour-long, in-depth discussion about cryptocurrencies.

Cuban pondered the distinctions between Cardano and Dogecoin’s decentralised application platforms and which one has the most promise.

Cuban said, “You know, my ideas on Cardano are same to those on Polygon and Ethereum.” There must exist a there, there.

Cuban describes the number of transactions on a blockchain as an indicator of its success. You can’t tell how much money is being made or lost with Cardano in Africa, so “I suppose the folks in Africa are not utilising [Cardano] as much as they planned,” he added.

While Cardano has had smart contracts for some time, the Dallas Mavericks owner-turned-crypto advocate does not see where Cardano has had a significant influence.

Cuban suggests that Cardano might be used to develop the following widely used application. That possibility exists, he added, but it hasn’t materialised as of yet.

According to Mark Cuban, the Securities and Exchange Commission overseeing the registration of cryptocurrencies would be a “nightmare.”

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