El Salvador buys 80 more BTC at a $19,000 price

According to a tweet from El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, the country bought 80 more bitcoins earlier today.

Bitcoin represents the future! Bukele tweeted. “Thank you for selling cheaply,” he continued, accompanied by an emoji of a winking face. The president also tweeted photographs of what looks to be a list of transactions for 1 bitcoin apiece at the current price of $19,000, with timestamps suggesting that the purchases happened this morning.

Bukele has tweeted many times about the country’s bitcoin transactions since September when El Salvador became bitcoin legal money. In May, he said the nation bought 500 BTC for $30,744.

According to the multiple purchase statements Bukele has made so far on Twitter, El Salvador looks to have acquired at least 2,381 bitcoins so far. However, the nation’s current bitcoin balance has not been independently verified.

El Salvador’s finance minister Alejandro Zelaya stated in early June that the nation has recently sold a portion of its bitcoin to support the Chivo Pets animal hospital, but is now retaining the coins it acquires. Last October, Bukele said that the Government was not selling bitcoin for the project, indicating that Chivo Pets would be supported by a surplus in a government trust fund as a result of bitcoin’s rising value.

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