Manchester City will construct the Etihad Stadium In the Metaverse

The renowned soccer club has begun the preliminary steps of constructing its famous home stadium in the Metaverse, allowing supporters to participate in live and recorded matches worldwide.

Manchester City, the Premier League champions and its new partner Sony have begun construction of a virtual duplicate of the Etihad Stadium that will serve as the team’s principal base in the Metaverse.

Manchester City’s home stadium is the Etihad Stadium. Manchester City is now England’s best soccer team. The team revealed on Feb. 18 that it had struck a three-year deal with Sony, which would give virtual reality expertise to use Sony subsidiary Hawk-image Eye’s analysis and bone tracking technologies.

Manchester City expects that supporters will take advantage of all of the perks associated with having a virtual stadium. While Covid limitations continue to limit travel possibilities for some, the opportunity to watch games in an immersive Metaverse environment may provide a welcome reprieve for those yearning to experience a gaming setting once again.

By constructing the virtual Etihad Stadium, the club is removing geographical obstacles for supporters who want to be a part of a live or recorded match. Nuria Tarre, chief marketing officer of City Football Group, told News on Feb. 18 that:

“The whole purpose of having a Metaverse, as far as we can see it, is that you can recreate a game, watch it live, be a part of the action from all viewpoints, and you can fill the stadium to capacity because it is limitless, fully virtual.”

Hawk-Eye, a subsidiary of Sony, has a long history of boosting sports for fans and authorities. It uses sophisticated playback technology to assist referees in making in-game decisions in real-time. Its visualisation technologies will be utilised to reproduce in the Metaverse the dimensions of Etihad Stadium.

According to the report, having a foundation in the Metaverse provides “greater engagement and ownership of virtual objects.” Man City may use both of those chances to increase global access to the club and stadium.

Liverpool FC may be interested in Manchester City’s move into Web3 and the Metaverse. According to ECHO, a Liverpool news site, the Reds may follow suit in order to increase income.

Rivals Manchester United has also made a push into the Web3 ecosystem with the announcement of a new relationship with Tezos (XTZ) on Feb. 10. Tezos will serve as the team’s official cryptocurrency and training kit partner, as well as contribute to the development of digital items.

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