DOGE-backed basketball team wins medals

Dogecoin grabbed the spotlight when two players of the DOGE-backed Aliens basketball team won midseason accolades.

Bill Lee, chairman of MyDoge purchased all 25 fire-tier editions of the Big3 basketball team Aliens, making Dogecoin an official league currency.

In April, the Big3 league opted to sell 25 fire-tier NFTs, giving new owners authority over the Killer 3s’ licencing, intellectual property (IP), and league-approved merchandise.

As a consequence of the acquisition, Big3 Aliens accepted Dogecoin, resulting in the integration of the MyDoge wallet, which enables players, coaches, and teams to receive Dogecoin tips through Twitter with only a tweet. Aliens featured Dogecoin prominently on their squad shirts throughout their most recent matches.

Dogecoin Core launch date approaches

The release notes for the next Dogecoin Core 1.14.6 release are presently being drafted, according to recent information published on Twitter. The upgrade intends to contain crucial security improvements and network efficiency modifications.

The Core version will also contain enhancements to node and network security, as well as a reduction in the recommended dust limit for all Dogecoin network members from 1 DOGE to 0.01 DOGE.

With a relatively short block period, Dogecoin intends to provide consumers with an affordable transaction method. In 2014, a dust disincentive was included to combat on-chain spam.

Dogecoin Core contains default values for fees and dust restrictions in accordance with developer suggestions. These defaults indicate the developers’ best estimation of the parameters of these constraints at the time of release.

The wallet rejects transactions with outputs below the dust limit, and if the change output falls below 0.01 DOGE, the wallet discards the change and gives it to miners as a fee. Once a significant number of miners and relay nodes have adopted the newly introduced relay dust constraints, it is envisaged that the recommended dust limit will be lowered in a later release.

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