Despite having $80 million in XRP, BitBoy Crypto is asking the community for support

BitBoy Crypto’s Ben Armstrong is now embroiled in a legal dispute with his former business partners at HIT Network over assets that Armstrong says rightfully belong to him but were registered in HIT Network’s name.

On September 21, in response to purported demands for a contribution address from the XRP community, the former BitBoy Crypto employee provided a multi-millionaire XRP address in an emotional video detailing his life.

Thousands of dollars’ worth of XRP have been transmitted to the provided Ben Armstrong address in the previous 24 hours, with many of these transactions coming from well-established, centralized exchange accounts.

BitHomp’s blockchain data shows that on February 19, 2023, a transaction of 10 XRP was received at the address purportedly controlled by him, and the balance as of press time was 161.54 million XRP tokens, or $81.94 million. A account initiated the first deposit.

On September 21, 230 separate transactions were sent to BitBoy’s XRP address, totaling 315,360 XRP (about $160,800 at the time).

Importantly, as of yet, we have no idea whether these payments came directly from Ben Armstrong, are contributions to his channel (which used to be held by his now-defunct firm), or somewhere else.

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