Deployment of a New Smart Contract Toolset on the Cardano Mainnet

Now, a new set of tools allows developers to implement smart contracts.

The Marlowe smart contract toolkit developed by Input Global Output (IOG) is now available on the Cardano mainnet, the network’s production environment.

Marlowe is a set of resources including a DSL and tools for developing and deploying smart contracts. Marlowe may be used by people who aren’t familiar with programming or DSL technology.

Users may create and deploy smart contracts on the Cardano mainnet via the Marlowe language and smart contract toolbox.

In addition to JavaScript and Typescript, Marlowe also works with Haskell, another popular programming language. This compatibility means that developing, integrating, and deploying contracts is a very natural process for developers.

With its newly released suite of smart contract creation tools, Marlowe is poised to benefit both Cardano and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

With the introduction of Marlowe, creating, testing, deploying, and integrating Cardano smart contracts into dApps and platforms is a breeze.

IOG promises that future revisions will have low-code tools for installing and executing smart contracts thanks to cooperation with third-party vendors.

Recently, IOG announced the release of core node v.8.0.0, which includes a new governance action that makes it possible to conduct on-chain SPO polls.

In addition, Input Output Global (IOG) released version 1.1.0 of its first light wallet platform. Several user interface enhancements, including the ability to recover lost wallets and cheque balances in a variety of fiat currencies, have been included in this version.

The Hydra team has also released version 0.10.0, which includes the first versions of the hydra-node and hydra-plutus scripts that are compatible with the mainnet.

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