The Solana blockchain has released an AI accelerator and integrated the ChatGPT plugin

The Solana Foundation has developed a plugin for ChatGPT that connects the Layer 1 blockchain with artificial intelligence.

On Tuesday, the Solana Foundation announced that it has developed an open-source reference implementation that allows users to communicate with the Solana network inside ChatGPT by means of a plugin that can be found on Github.

Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana Labs and co-founder of Solana, has indicated that artificial intelligence would improve the use and comprehension of the Solana blockchain.

As Yakovenko put it, “this is a new paradigm for telling computers what to do,” therefore any developer working on consumer-oriented software should consider how it will be dealt with via an AI model.

Activity on Solana has increased this month as users seek alternatives to Ethereum and Bitcoin because of rising transaction costs. The Block reports that the seven-day moving average of new addresses on the network reached 323,000 in the most recent week, the highest figure since June 2022.

The data reveals that this month has already seen more new addresses added than the previous six months combined.

While the value of Solana’s native SOL coin dropped last year in the wake of the FTX crypto exchange’s demise, it has subsequently mounted a resurgence, increasing by 101% so far this year. According to information compiled by TradingView, its price increased by 2.6% on Tuesday, reaching $20.03.

Meanwhile, the Solana Foundation stated that it will double the funding for a strategic awards initiative aimed at advancing AI, from $1 million to $10 million. Fifty applications have been submitted, and the foundation is still accepting them for future endeavours.

In addition, the Solana Foundation “kicked-off a three-month long accelerator program for university students that has a full cohort dedicated to experimenting with blockchain and AI,” according to the release.

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