Customers of a US bank are in danger as the bank refuses to release customer funds and freezes their accounts

Customers at a US bank with assets of $1 billion claim they’ve gone days and even weeks without access to their funds.

NBC News claims that Green Dot Bank, which provides banking and debit card services to Walmart consumers, has been giving some customers the runaround after they were virtually shut out of their accounts.

The bank first blamed problems with a payment processing partner for disruptions to account balances and transactions affecting its 33 million clients. The bank claims all systems are operational at this time, yet consumers still report issues.

UpDownRadar, which monitors website stability, reported a “possible outage” at Green Dot Bank at the time of publication, with complaints flooding the comments area by the hour.

NBC follows the trials of Mary Cannon and Sara Morgan. Morgan has had to go into debt since her account has been suspended for six days and counting, she told NBC.

“I couldn’t be more anxious. Credit cards have become [my] only option for bill payment. How they can get away with not providing customers with many ways to access their funds is beyond me.”

Cannon claims the bank is keeping her in confusion while a “suspicious activity” lock prevents her from accessing several thousand dollars. Walmart has not commented on the matter as of now.

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