The Metaverse Talent Hunt Is Increasing in Intensity; Microsoft Loses Approximately 100 Employees to Meta

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has lost approximately 100 staff to Meta’s metaverse programme. The world’s largest technology companies are vying to become the first significant metaverse project, with Microsoft establishing a studio named Vortex.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) business has shed almost 100 people, the majority of whom have joined rival technology company Meta and its metaverse programme. The mass flight of staff occurs at a time when established IT companies are battling for market leadership.

Microsoft personnel worked on the company’s HoloLens device, an augmented reality headgear that has found applications in enterprise settings. The device has not yet found a commercial use due to Microsoft’s ongoing refinement efforts.

According to the WSJ, the staffers were lured in by greater compensation. Meta, formerly Facebook, is one of the most advanced initiatives in the metaverse. According to recent sources, Apple has examined the metaverse as well, albeit it prefers to focus on shorter experiences for the time being.

Even Disney has gotten in on the act, with a new patent depicting a future metaverse amusement park. Nvidia and Block, formerly known as Square, are also players in the space.

The rivalry in this market is intensifying as more affordable VR/AR devices become available and more experiences are published. Offerings from both technology companies and decentralised projects are expected over the next few years, making for an exciting time for enthusiasts.

Microsoft Vortex is a metaverse development studio that focuses on physical locales.

Microsoft has also announced the formation of a metaverse studio named Vortex, which it claims would be grounded in reality. What this implies has not been specified, but it is safe to assume that it will be less focused on the virtual world than many other existing metaverse efforts.

The business has posted a variety of job openings for the Vortex. According to the studio’s senior designer, the studio’s objective is to “bring together collaborative science, missions to assist our world, and entertainment while pushing the boundaries of technology.” The emphasis is on developing experiences that incorporate physical locales using the HoloLens gadget.

With so many established companies rushing to build a metaverse, the future decade is expected to be a fertile ground for content in the new VR/AR medium. Cryptocurrency initiatives will almost certainly play a significant part in the space, and how they will coexist remains to be seen.

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