Cardano founder: Blockchain can ‘radically’ change nations

According to Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of Cardano (ADA), the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have a lot of potentials to alter society as a whole, including how governments run.

Brian McGleenon of Yahoo Finance wrote on July 14 that Hoskinson believes blockchain technology might ‘radically’ revolutionise the future, improve government services worldwide, and make them compatible with one another. This is precisely what he intends to do.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance’s ‘The Crypto Mile,’ he stated: In a global society, you don’t want one player to rule everything. The purpose of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is to take resources that should be a public benefit, digitise them if they’re digitizable, make them totally accessible, and then develop companies on top of them. The underlying infrastructure, however, is no longer governed.”

He emphasised that under a centralised system, “one person essentially gets to establish those rules, which are often quite anti-competitive and anti-consumer,” thus “harming people or subjecting them to many market failures.”

In response to the host’s query on the future global structure, Hoskinson said that he did not foresee the abolition of the nation-state, but rather “the radical transparency of a large number of government services.”

According to Hoskinson, in such a scenario, all of a government’s tax income might be open source, and anybody could examine it to see where the money is coming from and going. This might have various positive results:

Meanwhile, Hoskinson has lately chastised the Twitter “trolls” who claim that the scheduled release of the Vasil hard fork would have a significant impact on the smart contract functioning of the Cardano network.

Finbold announced in early July that the network has taken the required measures to guarantee that smart contracts are compatible with the improvements, removing the need for rewriting.

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