fluffypony a co-founder of Monero who faces 378 counts of fraud, has been arrested

378 charges of fraud, forgery, and uttering have been filed against Riccardo Spagni, better known as “Fluffypony,” by the South African government in a dispute with his previous employer.

Spagni, the co-founder and former principal developer of Monero (XMR), a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, announced his resignation from the company in December of 2019.

South African news site MyBroadband reported on June 2 that Spagni has waived his right to an extradition hearing in the United States and that the court expedite his transportation to South Africa so that he may face the allegations there.

He was taken into custody by US authorities after the private jet that was bringing him to a bitcoin conference in Los Cabos, Mexico made a stop in Nashville.

He had just immigrated to the United States from South Africa, according to documents submitted in the case, and had already acquired a home in New York.

Spagni is facing a slew of allegations

It was alleged that Spagni, the former owner of Cape Cookies, swindled the firm out of R1,453,561.47 ($93,532). Spagni is suspected of stealing invoices meant for Ensync and sending them to Cape Cookies.

To defraud Cape Cookies, he is accused of forging invoices from Ensync and including his own company’s bank account and VAT number as the sender’s address.

Spagni overstated the invoice amounts, according to court documents, and it was subsequently determined that Ensync’s actual bills had been paid despite the fact that the initial numbers had been inflated.

Additionally, Spagni is said to have used fake contact information to fabricate invoices for at least three fictitious IT companies. He has submitted a not guilty plea in response to the allegations.

Arrest orders issued by the police in South Africa

After issuing an arrest order for Spagni, the South African authorities have asked the American authorities to hold him pending extradition.

His extradition hearing in September 2021 was postponed when the South African police failed to produce the necessary paperwork.

“I am currently working with my solicitors on a means to return to South Africa as soon as possible so that I may solve this situation and put it behind me once and for all,” Spagni remarked.

A warrant for Spagni’s arrest was issued by South Africa on 378 distinct offences in May 2022, according to court papers.

Due to the lateness of the government’s submission, Spagni’s defence team sought that these papers be struck from the record. As a result, the court rejected Spagni’s plea for an extradition hearing.

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