Blockchain privacy activists advise the US Congress to respect privacy rights

Fight for the Future, a digital advocacy group has gathered a number of renowned signatories to their call for digital privacy, balanced power, and human rights.

Fight for the Future, an advocacy organisation for digital rights has written an open letter on its website urging the newly elected members of Congress to safeguard privacy. The letter has gained support from hundreds of businesses and organizations.

The letter’s writers expressed concern that “clumsy, foolish legislative and administrative initiatives were limiting the great creative force of U.S. software engineers.”  In spite of the fact that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects code as speech, the letter noted that many privacy-protecting technologies were developed in the U.S.

The letter urged legislators to defend privacy rights, support end-to-end encryption, and secure personal data.

In addition, the letter requested that “efforts be made to detect and correct power inequalities.” The authors elaborated:

“User privacy is endangered in online communities that are owned or managed by a single entity. We need technologies that empower people and communities online.”

Lia Holland, head of campaigns and communications at Fight for the Future, told Cointelegraph in a statement:

“Our hope is that this letter will serve as a wake-up call that the previous Congress’s disregard for privacy as a human right must end. […] It is time for our politicians to stop attempting to penalize the open-source and decentralized software developers that provide ordinary users and vulnerable populations like journalists, activists, abuse survivors, and minorities with the tools necessary to preserve their online privacy.

At the time of writing, 36 organizations had signed the letter, including Blockchain Association, DeFi Education Fund, Ledger, Nillion Network, Protocol Labs, and Proton. Still, new signers are being welcomed.

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