Bitcoin Could Reach $100K ‘Within 12 Months, According to Nexo Co-Founder

Antoni Trenchev, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Nexo, “the world’s biggest and most reputable lending institution in the digital finance business,” believes Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in the next year.

According to a report published by CNBC earlier today (April 14), the Nexo managing partner told CNBC that while he is concerned about Bitcoin in the short term — given that its price may fall along with other risk-on assets such as US technology stocks as the Federal Reserve continues to tighten monetary policy by increasing interest rates — he believes that “within 12 months” the Bitcoin price should reach $100,000.

Trenchev said in an early January interview with CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia”:

“I believe [bitcoin] will hit $100,000 this year, most likely in the middle.”

Nexo unveiled its newest feature earlier today: MetaMask integration. Nexo claims that by integrating the MetaMask crypto wallet web extension into its platform, “customers may now interact with their on-chain wallet by putting MetaMask up as a one-click top-up source.” Additionally, it stated three advantages of this integration: “effortless transfers,” “exchange compatibility,” and “adjustable gas costs.”

Nexo continued, “By enabling our consumers to utilise their MetaMask Wallets directly on the Nexo platform, we’re introducing a new level of usefulness to our goods and assets.” The integration enables smooth communication with users’ on-chain wallets and acts as a simple on/off ramp for a variety of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it assists in the elimination of transaction mistakes and provides another method for clients to use Nexo’s multichain bridge between the Ethereum mainnet and Polygon.”

Nexo made numerous announcements yesterday, the most noteworthy being the Nexo Card, which the company describes as “the only card that allows you to spend the value of your cryptocurrency without selling it.”

The Nexo Card operates as follows:

“The card is linked to Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines,” the company said. All purchases are removed automatically from your available credit line, preserving the integrity of your portfolio… In essence, you utilise your digital assets as collateral while exchanging them for fiat currency at millions of businesses worldwide…. The credit line may be secured by one or more assets, enabling you to spend up to 90% of the value of your cryptocurrency without selling it.”

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