Binance Has Just Declared the Availability of These 13 Altcoin for Japanese

Binance Japan, the Japanese branch of Binance, has announced that they would be listing a new altcoin.

The announcement that a new alternative coin would be listed on the Binance Japan cryptocurrency exchange came from the Binance Japan branch, which is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

As a direct result of this, Binance Japan has made the announcement that 13 more tokens will be added to spot transactions beginning on November 27.

The following cryptocurrencies, known as alternative coins, have recently been included: HBAR, NEAR, OP, IMX, ARB, GRT, RNDR, MANA, EOS, GALA, APE, KLAY, and LSK.

Beginning on November 27th, Binance Japan will begin offering new alternative cryptocurrencies for spot trading of crypto assets.

Because of these most recent listings, the total number of altcoin that may be traded on the platform is now 47.

Binance Japan’s CEO, Takeshi Chino, said that, “the exchange will be releasing 13 new cryptocurrencies in order to speed up the process of reaching the exchange’s long-term objective of offering 100 different currencies. We are really thrilled to announce our choice to list. We will continue to grow our services in Japan by using Binance’s world-class blockchain ecosystem and extensive worldwide experience. We will be a driving force behind the proliferation of cryptocurrency in Japan, as stated before.”

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