Binance has been experiencing an outage affecting card withdrawals for the last week

The Department of Justice accused Binance and its former head Changpeng Zhao (CZ) three days ago, and since then, customer care at Binance has been responding to a deluge of furious consumers who are experiencing issues with card withdrawals.

According to the official Binance customer help account, the cryptocurrency exchange is “unable to process card withdrawals to card services,” as stated to many customers.

The issue seems to have originated on November 17, which is a mere three days subsequent to the filing of the sealed indictment against Binance and its ex-CEO, CZ. Earlier this week, after both defendants pleaded guilty and agreed to pay penalties totaling $4.4 billion, the indictments were revealed.

This is the same response that Binance customer service has been sending to irate consumers since November 17.

There seems to have been yet another financial partner break ties with Binance. Problems with Visa and other currencies are being reported by users when trying to withdraw funds, including euros and tether (USDT). Protos has contacted Binance to inquire about the start of the card withdrawal issue.

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