Biden rejects debt agreement that would shield cryptocurrency investors

Vice President Joe Biden has spoken out against a debt limit compromise, claiming it will only help “wealthy tax cheats and crypto traders” at the expense of those who rely on government food aid.

Vice President Joe Biden of the United States has spoken out against a debt limit deal with Republican leaders that would reportedly help the cryptocurrency industry. The parameters offered by the Republicans were deemed “unacceptable” by Vice President Biden at a news conference at the Group of Seven (G7) Summit in Hiroshima, Japan on May 21.

“I will not support a compromise that would shield wealthy tax evaders and cryptocurrency speculators at the expense of almost a million Americans who rely on food stamps.”

The supposed safeguards for crypto traders are related to taking advantage of tax losses. The White House and Republican leaders are reportedly in talks about shutting down this crypto transaction system.

The term “crypto tax-loss harvesting” refers to a tactic used by investors to minimise their taxable income. To avoid tax on crypto profits, one strategy is selling a cryptocurrency at a loss. Within 30 days before or after selling the assets, you must utilise the funds to buy another one of the same kind. This system may also be used to trade stocks and other assets.

The White House has proposed to Republicans the same plan to restrict tax-loss harvesting for cryptocurrencies, which would prevent investors from postponing taxes on real estate swaps. Together, these adjustments would boost federal tax collection by nearly $40 billion each year.

According to the Post, Republican leaders have rejected the plans. Meanwhile, the White House blames tax cuts made by past administrations for the debt problem, saying that these cuts had a major impact on revenue.

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