Several Journalists Are Suspended by Elon Musk, and Crypto Twitter Reports Problems

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has suspended the accounts of many journalists. While the mainstream media strongly condemns Musk’s choice, other voices applaud it. In the meanwhile, Crypto Twitter is reporting further troubles that are likely unrelated.

The removal of New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN journalists, among others, followed Musk’s move on Wednesday to permanently deactivate an account that had monitored the travels of his private plane. Wednesday, tweets from the account @elonjet, which tracked the billionaire’s flight travel and had over 526,000 followers, were no longer accessible.

When owner Jack Sweeney checked in, he was presented with a notification claiming that his account had been permanently terminated for rule infractions.

Musk reassured the community that the account would not be suspended after acquiring the firm in late October. Musk tweeted in early November, “My dedication to free speech extends to not blocking the account tracking my plane, despite the clear danger to my personal safety.”

Twitter revised its platform rules on Wednesday to restrict the sharing of a user’s current location information without their permission. Several of the journalists whose accounts have been terminated were reportedly in violation of the new regulation.

Musk defended the suspension of the accounts in Twitter Space by stating that the regulations on so-called “doxxing” will apply to everyone, including journalists. The word “doxxing” refers to the disclosure of an individual’s personal information without their knowledge.

Musk stated on his Twitter account, “Criticizing me all day is perfectly OK, but doxxing my real-time whereabouts and putting my family in risk is not.”

Musk said that the decision was prompted by an event in which his son X’s vehicle was followed in Los Angeles by a “crazy stalker who believed it was me.” The stalker had climbed onto the bonnet of X’s vehicle and blocked it from moving.

The Twitter CEO completed his point by proposing that doxxing accounts be temporarily suspended for seven days.

The majority of Crypto-Twitter (CT) users favour Elon Musk. Speaking on behalf of CT, Mario Nawfal, who recently co-hosted a Twitter Space with Musk, said that doxxing may be a significant issue for crypto investors.

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