Agreement on a strategic Web3 agreement between Astar Network and KDDI

The Singaporean company Stake Technologies Pte. Ltd., commonly known as Astar Network, teamed up with Startale Labs Pte. Ltd. on October 24, 2023, in order to initiate negotiations with KDDI Corporation, headed by CEO Makoto Takahashi in Tokyo.

According to the material provided to Finbold, this partnership is focused on the Web3 space, seeks to promote the widespread use of blockchain technology, and creates groundbreaking new services for Web3 consumers.

Astar will be leading discussions on the partnership’s ins and outs in order to speed up the adoption of blockchain technology and to deliver unique Web3-era customer experiences.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web 3.0 goods are at the forefront of the conversation about how we might work together to provide really exceptional service to our customers. The groups will also investigate how Astar zkEVM powered by Polygon may be used in the “U market” and “U wallet” services offered by KDDI.

Potential services and applications that may work with the “U wallet” will also be considered, and the parties may even look at starting a new company based on tokens. The director of Stake Technologies (Astar Network) Shun Ishikawa made the following statement.

“We think the fact that KDDI Corporation, a major domestic telecommunications company with a lot of power in the content field, and ±U have recognized our new offering, ‘Astar zkEVM powered by Polygon,’ an Ethereum layer 2 solution by Astar Network, shows how highly anticipated it is and what a strong reputation Astar Network has built both in Japan and around the world.”

Overall, the cooperation intends to improve the U service by combining KDDI’s expertise in 5G connectivity and cutting-edge content service operations with that of the global network, the business insights of Web3, and the technology of Astar Network and Startale Labs. Their goal is to use Web3 to encourage a creative economy and provide their customers unique experiences.

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