Accusations of funding terrorism and Hezbollah are strongly denied by Circle

Circle firmly opposes terrorist financing and supports crypto laws. Circle has severed connections with Justin Sun of TRON.

Circle, a digital currency startup, has strongly denied claims made by the nonprofit organization Campaign for Accountability that it provided financial support to terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas.

In a response to a letter mentioning the claims, Circle’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dante Disparte denied any participation in the matter.

Circle CEO Dante Disparte responded to the Campaign for Accountability’s claims by making it very clear that his firm does not support or assist any terrorist groups or individuals, including Hamas and Hezbollah. The nonprofit organization made these claims after alleging that Circle helped these groups get funds.

Disparte also addressed allegations that Circle was associated with Justin Sun and TRON, a blockchain network located in China. To put any impression of a continuing relationship between Circle and Justin Sun and his linked enterprises to rest, he said that all ties have been terminated as of February 2023.

Circle stressed that it would continue to adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. The company is subject to the rules set forth by the US Bank Secrecy Act, which aims to prevent money laundering, as a registered money transmitter in 46 states across the country.

Circle is even more dedicated to following the laws, as they are in favor of stricter anti-money laundering regulations for cryptocurrency. By endorsing Senators Warren and Roger Marshall’s recent legislative initiatives, Circle has shown its commitment to prudent and compliant digital currency processes.

Disparte mentioned that Circle has recently received recognition from the U.S. Secret Service, highlighting the business’s proactive approach to preventing digital currency theft. Recognized for its assistance in detecting fraud and helping to recover funds, Circle’s cooperation demonstrates the company’s dedication to protecting its platform.

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