According to worldcoin more than one million people are using their wallet on a monthly basis

Worldcoin’s World App has recorded more than 1 million MAUs within six months of its introduction.

Over a million people use Sam Altman’s Worldcoin related cryptocurrency wallet World App every month, making it one of the most popular crypto wallets available. World App was released only six months ago.

According to statistics provided on Wednesday by Worldcoin’s primary creator, Tools for Humanity, the cryptocurrency has more than 500,000 weekly active users and more than 100,000 daily active users. According to TFH’s research, World App has been downloaded more than four million times, making it the sixth most popular crypto hot wallet for self-custody on CoinGecko’s list. Moreover, TFH said that more than 22 million purchases have been made using the World App.

These achievements are being announced at a time when governments all around the globe, including those of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Argentina, are beginning to take a closer look at Worldcoin. Kenya has put a halt to the project for the time being. Worries have been raised by government authorities concerning the privacy implications of Worldcoin’s usage of “orbs” to capture user data via eye scans in order to issue World IDs. When using Worldcoin, users are rewarded with Worldcoin tokens (WLD). Worldcoin has publicly stated its commitment to erasing or encrypting biometric data and working with government regulators.

The foundation of World App is World ID, which allows users to demonstrate they are real people in the era of AI without disclosing any identifying information. Users may store and transmit Circle’s USDC stablecoin using the app, as well as engage in cryptocurrency trading through the Uniswap decentralized exchange system.

Worldcoin has said that its World App is user-friendly and welcoming, with compatibility for a wide variety of languages and the vast majority of currently available devices. More regional languages and currencies will be supported, according to the initiative.

The head of product at TFH, Tiago Sada, recently made a comment on the app’s success, saying, “It’s amazing to see so much anticipation around the world in less than six months since releasing World App.” “The team has been heads down focusing on meeting demand at the moment, and as the need for digital identity and financial services continue to become increasingly urgent, it’s clear this is just the beginning.”

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