Original audio player Winamp now supports Ethereum and Polygon Music NFT

The 1990s MP3 player is making a comeback with a push into the blockchain music industry.

In its most recent upgrade, the classic Windows media player Winamp now supports music NFTs. Users of Winamp’s new feature will be able to play audio files contained in their non-fungible tokens, a Web3 desktop update.

The most recent version of Winamp, which debuted in 1997, enables music lovers to connect their Metamask wallet through Brave, Chrome, or Firefox browsers to Winamp. 

NFTs give a tamper-proof record of transactions involving a digital asset and serve as evidence of digital ownership. In recent years, NFT enthusiasts have also investigated applications connecting NFTs to other digital material such as movies, music, and television programs.

CEO of Royal, Justin Blau aka 3LAU discusses with Kate Irwin of Decrypt how he built his firm on compliance from the beginning. Although we may experience some delays due to our emphasis on compliance, this is the only way we see to proceed with our expansion into the market. He also said that Coinbase serves as a model for him.

Winamp states that its NFT support will be combined with other enhancements to transform Winamp into a universal and sophisticated listening platform that will feature a cross-platform creator service that will arrive in early 2023.

“Winamp was an integral component of the first digital music invention, when mp3s altered the way we listen to and enjoy music,” stated Saboundjian. Now we are helping the forefront of the next generation, as more and more artists investigate web3 and its possibilities.

Warner Music Group said earlier today that it will distribute music NFTs via LGND, a marketplace based on Polygon.

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