ZachXBT Recovers the Majority of Funds Lost in an NFT Phishing Attack Nine Months Later

Following a stolen non-fungible token (NFT) sale, ZachXBT was able to retrieve a significant amount of funds.

Pseudonymous on-chain researcher ZachXBT on X has managed to recover some of the stolen cash from an NFT auction. Recent X posts by ZachXBT inform his followers that he has refunded the NFT’s original owner the retrieved funds.

In May 2023, hackers claimed to use phishing to steal the rank 1 DeGods NFT and then sold it for 99ETH, or $177,000, according to ZachXBT. The fact that he posted about getting well nine months after the victim reported the crime indicates that the investigation took a long time. But the on-chain investigator was pleased with his success.

“The victim has already received a significant portion of the stolen funds, which I am happy to report that I assisted in recovering.”

In May 2023, the victim contacted ZachXBT via message after discovering that his wallet had been stolen. As a result, the inquiry was initiated. The victim sought ZachXBT’s assistance in retrieving his lost digital asset.

ZachXBT instructed his followers on the phishing scam’s progression and the means by which he traced the stolen funds through the use of a straightforward diagram, which fit his operational style. The recovery of lost or stolen digital assets may take a long time, he said in his article. Nevertheless, he confirmed that it occurs and expressed his joy in sharing the tales of accomplishment.

In spite of his joy at providing the crypto community with pro bono investigative services, ZachXBT declared that he will shortly be ceasing the job. He made the observation that a lot of people and projects act entitledly when they use his services. Instead of enduring the community’s pressure, he is contemplating joining a for-profit business, says the on-chain detective.

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