Xiaomi patents ‘genetic sequencing’ for blockchain virtual characters

Xiaomi, one of the world’s largest mobile phone and technology companies, has filed a patent application that employs blockchain technology to ease the manufacturing of its original digital characters.

According to the Chinese Tianyancha app, the patent titled “Virtual Character Processing Method, Device, and Storage Medium” was submitted in January 2022 but was recently released by the firm in China.

Due to blockchain’s decentralised and irreversible characteristics, many companies are adopting it into their new product ideas. According to the current description, the invention “can construct virtual characters with unique pictures based on distinct DNA sequences.”

Xiaomi, a well-known manufacturer of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, has just made public the patent application detailing the company’s usage of blockchain technology in creating its virtual characters.

Xiaomi may use the technology in the metaverse

Additionally, Xiaomi may employ this technology in the future to create its own metaverse experience, although no announcements have been made.

According to the filing, the characters would use this decentralised blockchain technology to preserve their DNA sequences, preventing the loss of the unique mixture. While the patent does not mention non-fungible tokens (NFTs), its description of blockchain use indicates the adoption of NFTs or comparable technologies.

Some individuals hypothesise that Xiaomi may create its metaverse platform with these virtual characters as the main attraction. There has been no proof of these reports, though.

If this were to materialise, it would not be the first time Xiaomi has dabbled with the bitcoin industry. In 2018, the business unveiled Crypto Rabbits, its first collection of non-fungible tokens.

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