With decreasing shiba balance, the Shib Army destroys 450 million SHIB.

Inferno wallets are being used by the Shib army to burn SHIB cryptocurrencies, this time shifting over half a billion SHIB to these wallets.

There are fewer Shiba Inu in the hands of whales, and their holdings of the second-largest meme cryptocurrency are dwindling as well.

On its Twitter feed, the Shibburn crypto tracker announces that the community’s Shib burn activities have had a fruitful previous 24 hours.

SHIB has been sent to dead wallets and permanently locked in this period of time totalling 449,981,701. This outcome was achieved by the burners after a total of 29 transactions.

Using the burn mechanism, cryptocurrency enthusiasts may reduce the circulating quantity of their currencies by locking them in unspendable addresses, making those coins more valuable and rare. The rarer a coin is, the more likely it is to appreciate in value.

The SHIB stock of whales is decreasing as they are sold

It seems that whales are less interested in the meme token SHIB as the community works to remove it from circulation. Supply of SHIB in top 100 Ethereum wallets has decreased drastically according to data from the WhaleStats crypto monitoring tool.

More than $703,261,525 in SHIB is held by Ethereum whales according to WhaleStats. However, according to the platform’s website, the value of Shiba has dropped to $566,404,165. They have 11.22 percent of their portfolios invested in this way.

During the same period last week, SHIB also fell from first to third place in terms of USD equivalent holdings. The FTX Token (FTT) has taken the top spot, while the USDC stablecoin is in second position. The recent collapse of the Terra chain-based UST stablecoin is most likely to blame for the whales’ choosing of USDC as a stablecoin.

ETH whales currently have $967,331,029 worth of FTT (19.17 percent of their portfolios) and $845,544,217 worth of USDC in their wallets (16.76 percent of portfolios).

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