Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is criticized by the crypto community for saying “Banks Work and Bitcoin Doesn’t”

Jimmy Wales said on X, “I misplaced my bank password and saw my whole wealth go. Actually, it never happened since banks are legit and bitcoin is fraud.

Notable members of the Bitcoin community have retaliated to Wales’ remarks. Samson Mow, a well-known Bitcoin enthusiast, suggested that “You wouldn’t have to ask for contributions every year in perpetuity if Wikipedia had simply acquired #Bitcoin a few years ago.”

Similarly, ShapeShift CEO Eric Voorhees brought attention to the lost opportunity for financial gain that Wikipedia had previously passed on by not investing in Bitcoin. “Wikipedia may stop pleading with visitors to the site to donate funds. No, they still do; when we first informed you about Bitcoin a decade ago, Wikipedia didn’t purchase any.”

The Block’s statistics showed that October was a banner month for Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page. On October 24, the number of pageviews for Bitcoin reached its greatest point since the price drop in June 2022, with approximately 13,500 visitors.

“The asset’s popularity has been growing due to the recent rally and the possibility of a spot ETF,” said Rebecca Stevens of The Block Research. “More casual ways, like more people visiting Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page,” the author writes, to demonstrate the growing interest.

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