Wendy Rogers of Arizona recommends bitcoin as legal tender

Senator Wendy Rogers, a far-right extremist, has submitted legislation to put bitcoin on Arizona’s “legal cash” list.

Critics of prior proposals, such as Williamette University assistant professor Rohan Grey, have argued that the designation of bitcoin as legal cash may violate constitutional restrictions on the capacity of governments to create their own currency.

Rogers’ bitcoin bill follows the pattern of far-right politicians, such as self-proclaimed ruler Nayib Bukele, adopting the cryptocurrency. El Salvador’s future depends on Bitcoin’s development, but things are not going well.

Rogers is a self-proclaimed “founding member” of the Oath Keepers, a far-right militia whose eleven members have been charged with seditious conspiracy in connection to the January 6 uprising. Prosecutors have accused the Oath Keepers collaborated with the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters during the uprising.

The former air force pilot has adopted conspiracy theories to contest the 2020 election results. Rogers attempted to claim that “extreme Antifa crowds” were responsible for Capitol actions, despite the reality that her own group was involved.

Rogers delivered a speech at a white nationalist America First political action conference backing the event’s organizer, white supremacist Nick Fuentes, and advocating for the public execution of “traitors” – those who recognize the election was legitimate.

Rogers has embraced the terminology of the ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy, much like Fuentes. “We are being replaced and occupied,” she tweeted. 

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix criticised her comments, stating, “Rogers’ use of thinly disguised hate speech is harmful.”

Rogers has also been unafraid to support military commanders of prior uprisings, referring to Confederate General Robert E. Lee as “a tremendous patriot.”

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