Weekly Report (31 July – 06 Aug. 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies happening worldwide.

1) Alchemix Reports That All Misappropriated Funds From Curve Pools Have Been Returned

The Curve finance hacker has returned all monies taken from the lending site Alchemix. Alchemix’s alETH-ETH pool lost $13.6 million alone in the assault on July 30, which stole a total of nearly $61 million from cryptocurrency exchanges…[continue reading]

2) Tether Introduces Mining Software To Improve Capacity And Efficiency

Tether’s development team is gearing up for the public release of several cutting-edge JavaScript libraries. These libraries were developed to simplify the process of sending data and instructions to Bitcoin mining hardware, such as WhatsMiner, AvalonMiner, and Antminer…[continue reading]

3) Bloomberg Researchers Have Revealed The Potential Ethereum ETF Approval Rate

According to a note published on Friday, Bloomberg ETF analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart have increased the likelihood that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would approve Ethereum futures ETFs to 75%…[continue reading]

4) The Creator Of Curve Has Dumped $19 Million In CRV To Settle His Obligations

Despite a 20% decline in token value over the last week, Curve (CRV) creator Michael Egorov sold an additional 34 million CRV ($19.72M, at press time) on the evening of Thursday, August 3. Since the “Reentrancy Hack” that harmed Curve, the CEO has sold a total of 106 million CRV for $42.41 million and now owes a total of $65.34 million…[continue reading]

5) A Bitcoin Endorsement From The United States President

A Bitcoin (BTC) spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) has a 65% chance of being approved, according to experts James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas from Bloomberg Intelligence, as reported by Bitcoinist on August 2nd…[continue reading]