Weekly Report ( 26 Sep. – 02 Oct. 22) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide you with some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies that happened around the world.

1) Robert Kiyosaki Describes Bitcoin As A “Buying Opportunity” When The U.S. Dollar Appreciates

The popular author of Rich Dad Poor Dad A U.S. dollar meltdown may come in January, according to Poor Dad, who has recommended Bitcoin and two other commodities as investment options…[continue reading]

2) UK Watchdog Responds To Criticisms About Crypto Regulation

As the United Kingdom works towards regulating the cryptocurrency business, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has lately been criticized for its handling of the industry, particularly its approval of new operators…[continue reading]

3) Olympus DAO Reduces OHM Staking Yearly Return To 7.35 Percent

Olympus DAO has reduced the yearly percentage staking reward of the OHM token to 7.35 percent in an effort to make the system viable. The benefits were lowered once the DAO adopted the OIP-119 governance proposal…[continue reading]

4) US Recession Confirmed, S&P 500 Opens Down 2% And Bitcoin Follows

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) confirmed what economists had long suspected: the United States entered a technical recession in the second quarter of 2022. The Bureau of Economic Analysis said on Thursday that the economy declined by 0.6% in the second quarter of 2022, after a decline of 1.6% in the first quarter…[continue reading]

5) The Central Banks Of Israel, Norway, And Sweden Collaborate With BIS To Investigate CBDC Payments

With a final report anticipated in the first quarter of 2023, Project Icebreaker aims to enhance cross-border payments by cutting costs and boosting speed and transparency…[continue reading]