Weekly Report (21– 27 March 22) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide you with some important and quick news of cryptocurrencies that happened around the world.

1) Rio De Janeiro Will Accept Bitcoin For Real Estate Taxes From 2023

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced the opening of a new office in the Brazilian city, noting that “He has done his share.” We are constructing ours.” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s largest city, will begin taking Bitcoin (BTC) payments for taxes on urban real estate inside its municipal borders, dubbed Imposto sobre a propriedade predial e territorial urbana (IPTU)…[continue reading]

2) Florida Governor Declares That The State Is Considering Accepting Bitcoin For Tax Payments

According to The report, DeSantis made his remarks on March 22 at the signing of a financial literacy curriculum law. The governor revealed during the press conference that he had directed state agencies to begin preparing to accept tax payments in cryptocurrency…[continue reading]

3) Coinbase To Monitor Canadian Transactions Worth More Than 1,000 CAD

According to a warning provided to Coinbase customers in Canada, users may soon be obliged to submit the identity of beneficiaries of significant transactions. “Effective April 4, Coinbase will implement some adjustments mandated by Canadian legislation,” the letter states…[continue reading]

4) Regulators In The UK Advise For A “Cautious And Responsible Approach” To Crypto

One of the reasons they want to regulate it quickly is to prevent any negative consequences. The Bank of England Financial Policy Committee reviewed the financial soundness of crypto-assets and decentralised finance in a 40-page study…[continue reading]

5) Dogecoin ATMs Now Available In The United States Of America

The leading BTM operator recently revealed in a press release that it incorporated Dogecoin due to its rising popularity. Dogecoin now joins the ranks of prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin…[continue reading]

6) ANZ Is The First Bank To Publish An Australian Dollar Stablecoin

This is the first time an Australian bank has issued a digital asset connected to the value of the Australian dollar, and maybe the first time a major institution anywhere in the world has issued a stablecoin that has been used in a genuine transaction…[continue reading]