Weekly Report (20-26 June 22) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide you with some important and quick news about cryptocurrencies that happened around the world.

1) This Report will provide you with some important and quick news about cryptocurrencies that happened around the world

This comes at a time when governance difficulties affecting Solana (SOL) have driven the price of this virtual currency down. The new gadget, known as Saga, is tightly connected with the Solana blockchain. The objective is to provide Web3 and NFTs users with a novel access experience…[continue reading]

2) Norwegian Government Embraces Public Ethereum, Says Symfoni CEO

Jon Ramvi, founder and CEO of blockchain firm Symfoni, which is backed by the Ethereum Foundation, said on Friday (June 24) that “the Norwegian Government has recently indicated that it would provide a solution on public Ethereum”…[continue reading]

3) A US State Passes A Law That Lets Financial Institutions Offer Custody Services For Crypto

Last Monday, Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards signed a measure requiring participating Louisiana financial institutions to “establish robust risk management procedures” and fully insure the crypto assets they hold, regardless of their fiduciary status…[continue reading]

4) XRP Set For Massive Changes As Ripple Gains Advantage In SEC Lawsuit

Initially, it seemed as if the US Securities and Exchange Commission had the upper hand in the legal dispute. In recent months, however, Ripple has secured a string of procedural victories. Following the reorganization, legal experts anticipate the next judgments will clarify the essence of XRP…[continue reading]

5) Polygon Claims That It Has Achieved Carbon Neutrality

Polygon asserts its environmental friendliness by retiring $400,000 in carbon credits via a partnership with KlimaDAO. These credits will be used to reduce the ecosystem’s overall contribution to global warming…[continue reading]

6) BIS Issues Report Criticizing Crypto

A recent BIS analysis criticizes crypto’s structural weaknesses, stating that a lack of solid nominal anchor, scalability concerns, fragmentation, and uncontrolled intermediaries all pose hazards to the field…[continue reading]

7) FTX Rescues BlockFi To The Tune Of $250 Million

“Today, BlockFi signed a term agreement with FTX to establish a $250 million revolving credit facility,” tweeted CEO Zach Prince on Tuesday. “This gives us access to cash that further strengthens our balance sheet and platform,” he added…[continue reading]