Weekly Report (17 – 23 June 24) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This report will provide some essential and quick news about the cryptocurrencies happening worldwide.

1) CoinStats IOS Scam Results In Major User Losses

A security compromise that affected 1,590 wallets, involving fraud notifications, necessitated the temporary shutdown of CoinStats. On June 22, CoinStats disclosed that 1,590 wallets, which account for 1.3% of all CoinStats Wallets, were affected by a breach. This breach did not affect centralized exchanges (CEXes) or connected wallets…[continue reading]

2) The CEO Of Dell Technologies’s Bitcoin Tweets Spark Crypto Community Interest

Michael Dell’s Twitter interactions regarding Bitcoin have initiated discourse. Dell Technologies’ forthcoming initiatives are the subject of speculation among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell Technologies, has prompted a flurry of speculation and discussion within the crypto community by expressing an interest in Bitcoin (BTC) on social media…[continue reading]

3) Consensys Vs. SEC Lawsuit Progresses To Make Crypto Regulations Clearer

Consensys, a prominent Ethereum software company, continues to pursue legal action against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in defiance of the agency’s conclusion of its Ethereum 2.0 investigation…[continue reading]

4) The CEO Of Ripple Is Currently Awaiting Trial For Allegedly Making “Misleading Statements” During A 2017 Interview

Ripple Labs, the blockchain company that has been the subject of criticism for its sale of XRP tokens, is currently embroiled in yet another legal dispute. A California federal court judge has granted approval to a civil securities lawsuit against its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse…[continue reading]

5) 3iQ Solana ETP Is Anticipated To Debut In Canada

3iQ, a Canadian crypto asset company, has submitted an application to establish a Solana Exchange-Traded Product (ETP) in Canada. This decision represents a substantial expansion of the investment opportunities available to Canadian investors in cryptocurrency…[continue reading]

6) EasyA Has Announced That Its Ecosystem Has Reached One Million Developers

Polkadot, the educational platform of Web3, has also announced an initiative to assist in the onboarding of new developers to the blockchain network. EasyA, a Web3 education platform and incubator, recently announced that it had achieved a significant milestone by building an ecosystem of over one million developers…[continue reading]

7) Kraken Fixes “Isolated Bug” Claims No User Funds Taken

Kraken claims that it rectified a flaw that would have enabled exploiters to exaggerate account balances. Kraken has disclosed that its security team has resolved an issue that could have enabled specific users to artificially inflate their account balances on the exchange…[continue reading]