Weekly Report (16 – 22 Jan. 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

1) US Stablecoin Legislation Is ‘Low-Hanging Fruit,’ Says Circle’s CEO

Jeremy Allaire thinks that Congress will focus on stablecoin legislation because of its simplicity and substantial development potential. For a simple reason, Jeremy Allaire, CEO of peer-to-peer payment platform Circle, expects the U.S. Congress will focus on stablecoin legislation this year…[continue reading]

2) EU Official Has Said That The Regulations On Crypto Being Implemented By The EU Have “No Use”

Mairead McGuinness told CoinDesk that the collapse of FTX may have contributed to those wanting stronger crypto laws, but even the good people may get it wrong. DAVOS, Switzerland — Unless the rest of the world follows suit, new European Union crypto regulations are worthless, the bloc’s top financial services official told CoinDesk on Thursday at the World Economic Forum…[continue reading]

3) According To The New CEO Of FTX, The Crypto Exchange Might Be Resumed

John Ray III told the WSJ that he has formed a task team to examine the possibility of relaunching FTX.com. “After months of thwarting such attempts, I’m relieved that Mr. Ray is now giving lip service to restoring the exchange. I’m still awaiting his admission that FTX US is solvent and refund of client funds “Bankman-Fried remarked…[continue reading]

4) US Authorities Are Considering Taking Steps Against Bitzlato And Its Creator

The Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, and French law enforcement acquired a number of Bitzlato’s assets on the grounds that the company helped launder criminal transactions totalling $700 million…[continue reading]

5) Polkadot Improves Capabilities For Cross-Chain Transactions Across Its Several Blockchains

The third version of Polkadot’s cross-chain messaging format, which it refers to as Cross-Consensus Messaging, has been launched. In order to improve the level of interoperability that exists across the many blockchains that are a part of the Polkadot ecosystem, the firm Polkadot has published version 3 of its cross-chain messaging format known as Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM)…[continue reading]