Weekly Report (13-19 June 22) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide you with some important and quick news about cryptocurrencies that happened around the world.

1) Bitcoin Falls Out Of The Top 10 Global Assets As Selling Pressure Intensifies

After garnering sufficient capital inflow to rank one of the most valuable investment goods, Bitcoin has fallen out of the top ten assets worldwide based on market capitalization as the leading cryptocurrency remains to navigate a very turbulent market…[continue reading]

2) Binance Said It Will Switch Its Brazil Payments Partner For A Better Client Solution

Binance said in a blog post on Friday that it would move from its existing payments partner in Brazil to offer a better option for clients. It will replace Capitual with a soon-to-be-announced local payment provider, complete the transfer in the coming weeks, and take precautions to ensure that users are not negatively impacted…[continue reading]

3) Elon Musk Is Being Sued For A “Ponzi” Scheme Using Dogecoin

The following is stated in the Manhattan federal court complaint: “Since 2019, the defendants were aware that Dogecoin had no value, nevertheless they continued to promote the cryptocurrency for financial gain. Musk utilised his status as the world’s wealthiest man to control and influence the Dogecoin pyramid scam for profit, notoriety, and entertainment…[continue reading]

4) The Majority Of Fund Managers Believe Bitcoin Will Reach $100,000 By The End Of The Year, According To A Survey

Bitcoin’s price continued to decline on Wednesday, inching closer to the $20,000 threshold. Since then, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has surged with the US Federal Reserve’s announcement of the highest interest rate hike in three decades…[continue reading]

5) Browser-Based Crypto Wallets Are Exposed To A Security Risk

MetaMask, Phantom, Brave, and other browser-based cryptocurrency wallets report that customer money has not been compromised. According to a recent study, a number of popular browser-based crypto wallets are susceptible to hacking under specific situations…[continue reading]