Weekly Report (04 – 10 Sep. 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies happening worldwide.

1) Singapore’s MAS Refuses To Relax Rules For Crypto Companies Using Its “Regulatory Sandbox”

The letter had criticized Singapore for allowing crypto businesses to use its Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST) interbank payment system, calling the move “unwise.” No crypto payment providers have been found eligible by the Singaporean Financial Services Authority (MAS) for its FinTech Regulatory Sandbox program…[continue reading]

2) U.S. Legislators Have Asked The Blockchain Association For Crypto Tax Advice, And The Group Has Responded

U.S. Senate Financial Services Committee lawmakers said in July that they will welcome public comments on crypto taxation through September 8. The Blockchain Association, a cryptocurrency advocacy organization located in the United States, has provided ideas for the tax treatment of digital assets to be considered by politicians…[continue reading]

3) Chris Larsen Attacks U.S. Crypto Policy And Claims That San Francisco Has Lost Its Status As The Blockchain Capital

Larsen had harsh words for the way the US governs blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He lamented that the actions of the Biden administration had driven the crypto business overseas. Larsen claims that this has led to places like London, Singapore, and Dubai replacing San Francisco and the United States as global centers for blockchain. Larsen was saddened to hear that San Francisco had fallen from its position as the global epicenter of the blockchain industry…[continue reading]

4) Belgium’s Binance Users Warned That 4 Altcoins Will Be Removed

Due to regulatory pressure, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has decided to delist four cryptocurrencies in Belgium. Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, has said it would no longer trade some privacy coins in Belgium, citing the need to comply with local law…[continue reading]

5) India Is Making Progress Toward International Crypto Regulation

As the current president of the Group of Twenty, the most powerful forum of the world’s leading economies, India has been an inspiration on the global scene. India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman addressed world leaders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts at a large event in Mumbai, once again bringing the contentious topic of cryptocurrency regulation into the limelight…[continue reading]