Web3 fractional art marketplace Artfi has attracted over 25,000 collectors

Artfi, a company in the art tech industry, said on October 11 that it has opened its Genesis Pass whitelist to the public in advance of its upcoming launch.

According to the most recent information shared with Finbold on October 11 by the startup, 10,000 individuals who own the Genesis Pass non-fungible token (NFT) will have the opportunity to get fractionalized artwork through the Artfi platform, starting with the renowned ‘The Six Elements’ series by Sacha Jafri.

In preparation for Artfi’s first release, more than 25,000 people have signed up to be on the whitelist. Sacha Jafri’s first foray into fractionalized art will showcase Artfi’s ability to make tokenized art widely accessible.

By slicing an artwork into smaller pieces, more people will be able to own an work of it and sell their shares for a profit.

Jafri’s “The Six Elements” is a collection of paintings, not a computerized piece. Sacha worked with Rolls Royce on the Phantom automobiles, but he came up with the idea for the Six Elements collection on his own.

The artist set out to create a set of six paintings that all have a common theme based on the five classical elements (earth, air, fire, water, and wind) and the sixth element (humanity).

Among the 10,000 pieces in “The Six Elements” collection, subscribers of the Genesis Pass program will get one. Token holders will get an airdrop of free tokens and will be able to participate in future fractionalized art sales held on the Artfi platform.

The mission of Artfi to democratize access to art via shared ownership appealed to Jafri. By posting them on Artfi, he may reach a wider audience and increase the likelihood that more people would appreciate and acquire one of his art.

Jafri made the following remark: “This is my first collection of its kind, and I’ve titled it The Six Elements”. It’s awesome that we get to contribute to the fabric of our planet and mankind as a whole. By broadening access to the creative process, Artfi gives a voice to individuals who would not otherwise have one. Now, thousands of individuals have the potential to call my invention, moment, or even soul their own. What a lovely thing that is.”

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