Vodafone Selects Cardano for NFT Initiatives, Ignoring Ethereum by David Okoya

Updates to nodes, governance, and scalability are just some ways Cardano’s network has improved this past year, despite current regulatory issues in the United States.

The network is maturing to the point of gaining ground on market rivals. One of the biggest telecommunications firms in the world, Vodafone, has announced it would establish an NFT collection on the Cardano network, bypassing other prominent NFT platforms including Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana.

A message from Vodafone’s German Customer Service Twitter account on June 27th hinted at the debut of an NFT collection on the Cardano network, causing excitement within the Cardano community.

An NFT collection on the Cardano network is being launched by the German branch of the telecoms giant, NMKR creator Patrick Tobler announced in a tweet on Wednesday, June 28. The NFT market, which is quite well known, will host the mint.

Vodafone praised the platform’s active community, sustainability, and cross-chain possibilities in a statement to the Cardano community on the project’s Discord site.

“Community, sustainability, and cross-chain potential were significant factors in choosing this specific chain. Everyone here at this early time is a significant backer, and we thank you for your support,” the statement stated.

Vodafone has been quite clear that the NFT collection they have planned would be geared towards providing “real utility and benefits for Vodafone customers.” However, the company said it had yet to determine what these advantages might be and was open to feedback from locals.

The group admitted that it could only provide guaranteed advantages to German consumers but said it was looking at ways to expand to other countries. It’s no surprise that the latest happening has gotten the Cardano community excited.

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