Vitalik Buterin claims he is just betting a “small portion” of his ETH

Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s creators, said the “biggest reason” is that it requires a multi-sig, which is “fairly difficult” to set up now.

As he elaborated, for the simple reason that staking ETH requires online subsystems with publicly accessible keys. It must be a Multisig to ensure security. Staking with a multi-signature arrangement is still tricky to set up.

“Honest investors would be rewarded more than dishonest ones. Honest players have a lower risk of having their stakes lowered.”

The inventor of EigenLayer, Sreeram Kaanan, elaborated on the “complex risks” associated with restaking and the need to adopt a “constrained approach in building restaking.”

This follows a blog post by Buterin on June 9, which declared that the Ethereum blockchain “fails” if enough scaling infrastructure is not in place to keep transaction costs low.

He elaborated on the difficulties arising from the transition to smart contract wallets, citing, for example, the complexity of the user experience when users assume ownership of many addresses simultaneously.

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