Users criticise Trump’s NFT Collection after spotting Photoshop errors

The recently released non-fungible token (NFT) collection by former US President Donald Trump is being extensively attacked for its low quality and editing, as well as its use of stock photographs.

In addition to utilizing purportedly trademarked clothing in the collection, there are allegations that photographs from Shutterstock were also utilized.

According to the website, “the Trump cards will contain poor Photoshop photographs of the former president’s face grafted onto relatively muscular male bodies, outfitted in different costumes of macho bravado, including sports clothing, a sheriff’s duster, and plenty of blue suits,” for a price of $99.

However, the piece also cautioned that “Ultimately, the joke will be to the detriment of those who pay $99 for his NFTs, which, despite what seems to be an early demand increase, are likely to be a very dangerous long-term investment. But even this is consistent with Trump’s brand, a perfect distillation of his own marketing philosophy.”

The NFT website disputes that the corporation named as hosting the NFT auction, NFT INT LLC, is owned, managed, or controlled by Trump or his businesses. Therefore, it is unclear what this firm is since several web rumours circulate.

Last Thursday, Donald Trump launched ‘Trump Cards,’ a series of non-financial trading cards depicting him in different guises, such as a superhero, astronaut, and cowboy. The Polygon platform issued a total of 45,000 NFTs, and many saw the endeavour as a cash grab.

The collection sold out rapidly, and the OpenSea marketplace lists the lowest price as 0.099 ETH ($120). The most expensive card costs 505 ETH ($598,000).

Currently, the total volume is 6,369 ETH ($7.55 million), with 15,621 owners and 35% unique owners. In spite of this, the collection and its publication were widely ridiculed upon its introduction, since Trump had promised “important” news that many believed would be related to US politics.

Notably, the unveiling of his own NFT project stands in sharp contrast to Trump’s position on cryptocurrencies throughout his presidency. Trump has criticized Bitcoin and the crypto business in general in the past, joining a long line of politicians who have criticized crypto products for their environmental implications.

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