Uniswap has been warped onto StarkNet by an Ethereum team

Nethermind, an Ethereum development firm, has connected the decentralized exchange Uniswap to the Ethereum Layer 2 network StarkNet.

The main concept is that StarkNet users will have access to a version of Uniswap that is not linked with the exchange. Theoretically, this should make it cheaper for Ethereum users utilizing StarkNet to trade tokens, as the network charges lower costs than the main Ethereum blockchain for transactions and swaps.

Jorik Schellekens, project lead at Nethermind, said in a blog post that the plugin is still under development and that further testing is forthcoming.

It is difficult to port Ethereum applications to StarkNet since Ethereum uses the Solidity programming language while StarkNet utilizes Cairo. Therefore, the code must be translated so that it functions in the new language.

This attempt to migrate Ethereum apps to StarkNet is the project’s primary objective. Schellekens said that recent enhancements to StarkNet allowed the Warp project to take on more complex applications, beginning with Uniswap. He observed that by warping such a large project as Uniswap, Warp itself is maturing, hence reducing the bar for other projects to test out StarkNet.

He continued, “Uniswap is not going to halt Warp! We will continue to work diligently on features and replicate this experiment with a few other protocols, introducing new protocols to  StarkNet at hypersonic speed.”

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