UK Labour Party member said AI should be controlled like nuclear power and healthcare

An influential Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom has called for AI to be licenced and controlled like the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.

A representative of Britain’s major opposition political party says AI developers like the pharmaceutical, medical, and nuclear sectors should be controlled.

Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport for the Labour Party Lucy Powell suggested that rather than outright outlawing technology like face recognition systems, it is preferable to place restrictions on their growth.

She continued to argue that AI “can have a lot of unexpected consequences,” the government might reduce certain dangers if developers were required to make their AI training models and datasets public.

She argued that the rapid development of technology necessitates a more proactive and interventionist stance from the government than the current state of affairs permits.

It’s no secret that Powell and the Labour Party are convinced that AI and similar technologies will profoundly affect the British economy.

Keir Starmer, the British Labour Party leader, will gather with his shadow cabinet at Google’s U.K. headquarters next week to meet with the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) oriented officials.

He warned that unless action is taken to ensure the safety and regulation of these systems, “we will be finding that we have systems that are very powerful indeed” within two years.”

In his talk, Clifford stressed that current artificial intelligence techniques may be used to “launch large-scale cyber attacks.” OpenAI has pledged $1 million to fund AI-enhanced cybersecurity technology to counteract such abuses.

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